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Latest news

  • 28 - 06 - 2020 Blockchain-as-a-service

    After great efforts from our developers we have added blockchain-as-a-service to our platform,
    including Hyperledger Indy to support digital identities rooted on distributed ledger.

  • 14 - 03 - 2020 Increased scalability through Kubernetes

    Thanks to the migration of our platform to Kubernetes we now support even better scalability due to it's autoscaling abilities.


The documentation is available online.

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  • With Plamo I can really focus on my App without worrying about the back-end functionality.
    Push notifications, data storage and in app purchasing was available in our Apps in minutes.

    E. Klaver - E.Consulting

  • It is very easy to use Plamo feeds in your application. All logic for collecting information from other sources are centralized in Plamo feeds making it very easy to update.

    K. Brinkman - Hotfudge

  • We use Plamo to store the magazines we sell. Plamo handles the validation of the purchase and places a unique signature on each magazine we sell. Without Plamo we had to handle it all ourselves.

    J. Friedl

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